In this blog i am going to share with you my favorite way to have EASY MEXICAN SALAD RECIPE, with very classic Mexican flavors . I usually have it for my evening snack but can be served for breakfast or for your lunch as well!

Before diving into our easy Mexican salad recipe, here’s what you should be knowing

Easy Mexican Salad Recipe
Easy Mexican Salad Recipe

Mexican Salad is healthy and tasty way to have your daily veggies . Here is how i make my yummy and easy Mexican Salad recipe .Given below is all you need to make this easy Mexican Salad Recipe


  1. Olive oil (extra virgin)
  2. Coriander leaves
  3. Finely minced cloves of Garlic
  4. Dried oregano
  5. Lemon
  6. Cumin powder
  7. Chili powder
  8. Salt
  9. Lettuce (2 grams)
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Boiled Corn
  12. Spring Onion
  13. Cooked kidney beans



  1. Take two table spoons of olive oil into a salad bowl(small size)
  2. Add fresh slightly finely chopped coriander, 3-4 finely minced garlic, 2 tablespoon oregano
  3. To this add 3/4 th teaspoon of cumin powder,chili flakes(quarter spoon)
  4. Add one table spoon of salt (not necessary)
    Give a nice whisk so that the flavors can combine and melt together .
    Let it sit till you prepare the veggies.

TIP : the longer the dressing sits the stronger its flavors get !



  1. Start with chopping the lettuce into bite size pieces.
  2. Take your salad bowl and add some chopped tomatoes and spring onion , boiled corn and cooked beans along with the lettuce you just chopped.
  3. Add the dressing on your salad and keep tossing the salad when you do, so that you have covered all the salad with the flavors


  1. You can serve the salad directly
  2. Or can serve it with a toasted garlic bread.
  3. For kids to have ,you can serve it with cheesy nachos on the side.
  4. To make it a meal you can have this salad with some MASALA OATS

VoilĂ  , your home made Mexican salad is ready !

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