Healthy Food Recipes(5 Easy, Tasty and Home-made)

Is your new year’s resolution is to eat healthy ? If so, you have chosen the write blog to refer! We have 5 Easy Healthy Food Recipes that you can make for yourself and your kids at home in minutes!

Why should we eat healthy food ?

healthy food Vegetable

Healthy eating is a best habit to stay healthy. As silly as it sounds it’s equally true! Healthy eating not only makes you stay fit but also increases your productivity at work. Eating healthy shows positive effects on your mood as well.

Also, eating healthy needn’t to be tasteless but it’s about knowing what your body needs and having a balanced diet. Of course we cannot resist eating our favorite junk but we needn’t to if we take care about the amount we consume it in. Read more Here

1) Mexican Salad

mexican salad recipe

I promise the ingredients you need to make this (healthy) Mexican Salad is already in your kitchen. Here’s how you make Veg Mexican Salad

In this blog i am going to share with you my favorite way to have veggies, a salad with very classic Mexican flavors . I usually have it for my evening snack but can be served for breakfast or for your lunch as well! CLICK HERE for the recipe

2)Oats Maggie

healthy food oats maggie

Oat Maggie is ‘THE BEST’ alternative to channelize your inner Chinese food love 😉


  • Quaker Oats
  • Ching’s schezwan chutney
  • Salt
  • onion
  • tomato


  1. In a pan take one tablespoon of olive oil
  2. Add Cumin to it and fry till golden brown
  3. Then add one finely chopped onion and tomatoes to it
  4. Add 1 cup of oats when the onion and tomatoes turn into paste like consistency
  5. Add one cup of water to it and let the oat soak the flavor
  6. In boiled oats , add 1 to 2 tablespoon of Ching’s schezwan chutney and mix well


Take a glass bowl and serve your Oats Maggie in it .For garnisheeing add Coriander leaves on top

Voilà , your home made Oats Maggie is ready !

3) Oats Pancake -for breakfast or dessert time

oats pancake for breakfast

Who doesn’t crave sweet? Especially pan-yummy-cakes aha! I can not explain you guys my love for sweets. I can have them for morning breakfast , noon lunch , evening snack and still be craving for it in the dinner time. If you are someone just like me this oats pancake is ‘The Savior Dish’ from all the bad calories our ordinary sugar delights have .

Let’s just dive into the recipe . I am most excited for this one ! If you guys make this recipe ,do upload it on Instagram , Facebook or just Mail me the pictures ! Don’t forget to tag me you guys <3 .Social Media handles are giving on the top right corner of this blog.

Now let’s get started with the recipe ,Shall we ?


  1. Oats (1 bowl)
  2. Honey
  3. Two egg OR Baking Soda
  4. Maple Syrup
  5. Milk

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